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Boy Girl Birth Announcements Cards

Boy Birth Announcements and Baby Girl Birth Announcements Cards

When a new baby is on the way, one of the first questions from friends and relatives “Is it a boy or a girl?” And, whether parents find out during pregnancy what gender they are having or not, birth announcements are a great way to spread the word.

For boy birth announcements, the traditional colors are all shades of blue. Even pastel blue can look sweet and sophisticated with modern design boy baby announcements. Many of the simpler designs are photo boy birth announcements; the simplicity allows the focus to be on the baby’s beautiful face. Cartoon characters and sports themes are also fun images on baby boy announcements. If the dad is into a particular sport, boy birth cards can be themed with the sport for instance. Or if the nursery is filled with trains, birth boy announcements can have a railroad theme.

The boy birth announcements wording ideas, verses and sayings typically allude to that the baby is a boy in some way. If parents choose the photo boy birth announcements they might also want to choose a blue accessory or hat for the baby to wear; the boy photo birth announcement will look more cohesive with the picture and the birth card having a blue color scheme. If it’s a sports theme, use a team hat or scarf on the picture for the birth announcements for baby boy.

Of course, the universal color for girl birth announcements is pink. Designs these days pair the pink with brown or another dark color to make the pink really stand out on baby girl announcements. On photo girl birth announcements this contrast in color also allows focus on the baby girl picture. Other color schemes that are popular for girl baby announcements are a rainbow of pastels; pinks, greens, yellows and lavender are all common colors for birth announcements for baby girls.

Themes for girl baby announcements range from baby dolls to princesses. The parents can choose from numerous themes with precious girl birth announcements verses, sayings and wording ideas. Similar to photo boy birth announcements, the baby girl can be dressed in pink or have other pink accessories in the picture for the photo girl birth announcements.

Teddy bears, baby rattles or other cute baby items are included in most boy and girl birth announcements. The colors and wordings, verses and sayings can change, but parents may be able to find a card that they like before they know the gender of the baby. They can then customize for a girl or boy baby announcement when the baby is born. Photo boy and girl birth announcements can also be customized with the colors and announcements wordings, verses and sayings. Parents should search for websites that cater to their own styles and try to pick their girl and boy birth announcements early.

If they choose not to find out the gender they can typically find girl birth announcements that match a similar boy baby announcement. By having the cards, the sayings and the company they plan to use already chosen, parents can save time once their beautiful baby girl or boy has arrived.