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There are many ways to announce the birth of a child but the most popular is printed personalized Birth Announcements. Some parents choose to run an advertisement in the local newspaper and send formal birth cards to faraway friends. Others decide to give cigars or candy bars and send a web link to family and friends showing the baby's picture and measurements. Whatever you decide, there are many resources available to help you choose an appropriate announcement for your new baby. We invite you to browse our complete selection of printable baby announcement cards.

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You want the best baby announcement for the special occasion so it is important to research the company you are purchasing the announcements from. Most companies actually purchase their cards from the same manufacturers so there is usually not a lot of variety to choose from. In essence, you are going through a middleman for your products. Because most companies buy from the same manufacturers, you will most likely see a similarity between announcements, which doesn't give you an enormous amount to choose from.BUT, NOT AT BIRTH-CARDS!!! WE CREATE OUR OWN IMAGES AND CARDS SO YOU WILL NOT FIND OUR DESIGNS ANYWHERE ELSE EXCEPT AT OUR AFFILIATE SITES!! OUR GUARNATEE!

The birth of a new baby brings a great deal of joy, excitement, and of course, a certain level of stress and anxiety. Sending announcements to family and friends is appropriate; however, it can be taxing to the new mom. There are many things that can be done before the birth of the child to reduce the stress of new parents. It is wise to choose your baby announcements a few months before the birth, so that when the time comes to order, you do not have to make an impulse decision. Birth-Cards has "envelopes early" which allows you to address and stamp them early. One less thing to do when the baby arrives! It is a good idea to start compiling a list of names and addresses for people you want to send baby announcements to as soon possible.

We invite you to choose an appropriate Birth Announcements Cards for your new baby. You can browse our complete selection of printable Birth Announcements Cards.
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Who to send Birth Announcements

Birth announcements are the best way to inform your family, friends and acquantiances that your little bundle of joy has arrived. Just who is included in this mailing list is really up to you. Generally, a birth announcement is sent to anyone who you want to share your good news with. This list could include those invited to your baby showers, friends and family who may not be able to see your new baby immed....