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Photo Birth Announcements Cards

Photo Birth Announcements Cards for New Baby - A Cute Photo Makes Precious Photo Birth Cards

Besides finding out the name, birth date, weight and gender of the baby, most family and friends want to have a picture of the baby. Photo birth announcements cards have become quite popular. Distant relatives and friends might not have the opportunity to see the baby in person so baby photo announcements are a great way to let them see the joyous addition!

The array of photo baby announcement choices is mind-boggling. Parents should start looking for the photo baby card that represents something unique about their family before the baby arrives. Some photo birth announcement cards are modern and simple. The picture on trendy photo baby cards really pops. Other popular choices are to incorporate a theme from the nursery, baby toys or animals into the photo baby announcements. By searching ahead of time for the perfect photo birth card, parents are sure to find the one that shows the family’s unique personality.

Photo birth cards take a little more time to finish since just the right picture has to be taken! Parents can enlist a professional or have a friend or family member take digital pictures to help delegate the work involved in having photo baby announcements. However, many parents take plenty of pictures when they have a newborn so they can choose to do it themselves. Using digital imaging software to change lighting or effects on the picture that is chosen for the photo baby card can make any amateur photograph look professional. One basic principle to keep in mind for the picture on a good looking photo birth card is to take lots of close ups of the baby with the camera in macro mode. Friends and relatives want to see the baby’s features on the birth announcements with photo!

While the picture taking itself can take some time, photo announcements do not have to take a long time to process and deliver from websites that specialize in customized photo baby announcements. Parents should investigate the process ahead of time. A proof of the photo birth announcements is sent electronically, within ONE hour, to the parents to ensure the birth cards are perfect prior to printing. Since one website sends your proof within one hour and will print and ship the same day you approve your proof, parents can figure out their schedule ahead of time. In general, it is a good idea to go with a website with great service and same day printing and shipping. This will allow the parents to get their photo baby cards quickly when there tends to be family and friends that are around to help with the duties!

If parents do not get out their photo birth cards early, they should still try to get out a photo birth announcement card before the baby turns two months old. The picture can be one taken when the baby was a newborn or it can be a current picture of the baby. Friends and relatives understand the busy lives of new parents and will appreciate a photo baby announcement card that might come a little later.