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Questions Answers About Birth Announcements Cards

General Questions and Answers About Birth Announcements Cards - Birth Announcements 101

When Should I Send Out the Birth Announcements?Baby announcements should be sent out as soon as possible, usually within the first two weeks, after the baby is born. However, if parents become busy or forget, they should still send birth cards any time before the baby reaches two months old.

Who Should Receive Baby Announcements?Parents should make sure they send announcements to all of the people that are close to them. That being said, birth announcements cards should be sent to all of the people who attended their baby showers, sent gifts or otherwise helped prepare for the baby. Coworkers and business contacts may also get birth announcements, but it is optional. Parents should send personalized birth cards to all of the distant relatives they can however. Photo birth announcements can be especially nice for the distant friends and relatives.

What are the Basic Information Every Birth Announcement Should Have?  Every baby announcement should have:
  *  The baby’s full name, date of birth, time of birth, weight at birth
  *  Who is announcing the baby. Usually this is the parents’ names, but siblings, pets, grandparents or even a stork can announce the birth.
  *  Something to indicate the gender of the child. If parents don’t use wording with “boy” or “girl” they should at least be sure it is inferred.
  *  Photos are a nice addition, but are optional. Photo birth announcements are becoming very popular.

How Many Birth Announcements Should I Purchase?Parents should prepare their addresses prior to the birth of their new baby. Baby announcements take some time to address and mail so having the addresses of all of the recipients ready is very important. You might want to avail yourself of the “Envelopes Early” practice many online shops offer. Parents also should order and extra 10 birth announcements for scrapbooks or people they inadvertently miss on their address list.

What if I Don’t Want to Send Photo Birth Announcements?Although it has become very popular to send photo baby announcements, parents do not have to send out a photo birth announcement. There are plenty of sweet and unique options for baby cards that do not require a photo.

What if I Want to Get all ff my Birth Announcements Done Before My Baby Is Born?  Trying to get the birth cards done before the baby is born is sometimes difficult, but there are ways to make the process easier after the baby is born. Choose the birth announcements and store or website before the baby is due, make an accurate mailing list and order your envelopes ahead of time, “Envelopes Early”. With these steps taken, the ordering process and addressing and mailing of the birth announcements cards will be much easier.

I’m Not a Photographer, so How Can I Take Better Picture for the Photo Birth Announcements Cards? Parents do not have to be professional photographers to take beautiful pictures of their baby for a photo birth announcements. Digital photography allows parents to preview pictures and adjust the settings to take better pictures. To take a good picture for a photo birth announcement set a point and shoot camera to macro mode and get close to the baby. Natural light will also help. Play around with the options. Parents can easily take a great picture for the photo birth announcements, one that will be a keepsake forever!

Can I use any Wordings, Verses or Sayings I Want, or Must I Use What is There? Yes, for most websites you order from, you will be able to insert you own birth announcements wording ideas, pregnancy announcements wording verses and sayings for photo birth cards. You will find a large collection of sample wordings, sayings and verses to assist you in the birth announcements cards wordings.