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Trends Styles Birth Announcements Cards

Trends and Styles for Birth Announcements Cards

New parents should not feel obligated to follow trends when sending their personalized birth announcements cards. However there are more “trendy” options than there has ever been before. Parents should consider their style first – trendy, modern, whimsical or stylish baby announcements are all popular choices and can fit the new family’s style.

One of the most significant birth announcement trends relates to the color schemes. Birth announcements follow the colors of weddings, home décor colors and other lifestyle colors. Following general design trends, many parents are choosing brown as a background color for their birth announcements. Gray and black backgrounds are also gaining in popularity. However, these colors are only background colors that make the traditional pastel pink or blue pop on the baby announcement. On a photo birth announcement, the contrast between the colors can really highlight a precious picture of the new baby.

Pinks, blues and greens are all classic color choices and are popular colors that stand alone on baby announcements. Depending on the images on the announcement, parents can choose bright colors also. If the nursery is a bright rainbow of colors, parents can choose to mimic those color choices on the birth announcements. Following the colors and design of the new nursery on baby announcements is also a fun trend especially if distant relatives and friends will not get to see the décor.

With the modern design trends, announcements have followed the clean and structured designs of the modern movement. However, it is always a classic style to highlight baby related images based on fictional characters, animals, flowers or other baby themes on baby announcements. Anything that is unique to the family or baby can be used for the style theme. These characteristics of the baby announcement may be used for baby thank you cards also. Some websites are capturing that idea and offer similar designs for a variety of the correspondence necessary during pregnancy and birth.

Photo birth announcements are a trend in itself for baby announcements. The options include the color schemes and modern design trends, but they also add trends regarding the picture. A fun, unique option for photo birth announcements is to incorporate other members of the family into the pictures. If it is a first-born baby, feature the mom and dad in a loving pose with the baby on the photo birth announcements.

If there is already one or more children in the family, a good close up of the new baby and the brother or sister is a touching addition to a photo birth announcement. Even incorporating a pet can be a unique way to personalize the baby announcements. However, with all of these choices, the classic beauty of a baby’s face is always a touching option. Parents can play with changing the picture to black and white or sepia, a “aged” effect for their photo birth announcements.

The variety of printed birth announcements cards available online is sure to give a new family plenty of options for photo birth announcements or general baby announcements. Half the fun is searching for something unique! Be sure and make your announcements truly unique by adding cute sayings for birth announcements, baby announcements verses and birth announcements wording ideas.