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When to Send Birth Announcements

When to Send Birth Announcements Cards

Everyone from high school friends to the cousin of the mother wants to know about the new baby as soon as possible. After all, the birth of a new baby is special for everyone who knows the proud new parents. That is why baby birth announcements, especially photo birth announcements, are typically sent out within the first two weeks after the birth. Some important considerations for when to send birth announcements are how much preparation the new parents do ahead of time, the parents’ obligations and the location of those receiving the baby announcements.

If the parents have lived in the same city for most of their lives, getting the baby birth announcements out early might not be as urgent. Usually, in this circumstance, the close family and friends live near by and will be able to hear about the birth of the new baby by word of mouth as opposed to a birth announcement in the mail.

However, it is still important to get the announcements out in a reasonable time frame, usually within the first month after delivery. Often, friends who might not be as close to the parents might not want to bother the new parents with a visit. A great solution is to send photo birth announcements, which will allow them to see the baby early in its life.

For parents who are away from most family members and friends, a general guide is to send the baby announcements as soon as possible after the baby is born, ideally within two weeks. While word of mouth might still carry the news of the baby, friends and relatives still want to hear personally from the parents. If parents get organized before the baby is born, the birth announcements can be fairly easy to get out promptly.

Make a baby announcement address list and figure out how many birth announcement you will likely need. At the very least, you might want to select the store or website in which you will buy the baby announcements. Many websites allow you to order you birth announcements before the birth of your child and will send you your envelopes early so you can start addressing them. This is typically called, “Envelopes Early” and is offered by many websites online.

During the hectic times surrounding the birth of a baby, and especially after the birth, parents usually lack the time to send birth cards to their friends and family even if they have prepared ahead of time. If parents do not send the birth announcements within the first couple of weeks, it is still acceptable to send them later. Current etiquette indicates most recipients are happy to receive a baby announcement, even if it is after the first two weeks of the baby’s birth. You can include cute birth announcements sayings, baby announcements wording ideas and sayings for birth cards.

If the new parents are strapped for time (and what parent isn’t?), photo birth announcements can be a very easy option since most of the legwork can be done without leaving home. Using photo birth announcement sites and digital camera technology, parents can make a personal photo baby announcement and have them delivered straight to their doors within days. But if parents do not get to their baby’s announcements until the baby is older than a couple of months, they can (and should) still send a baby announcement. If the parents still choose to send a photo birth announcement then, it can have a picture of the newborn baby or a current picture of the baby.