Jan 07 2010

Announcing New Baby with Picture Birth Announcements

Photo Birth Announcements – Announcing New Baby with Picture Birth Announcement

Letting the family know about a new arrival can be one of the most wonderful excuses to send out Birth Announcements, http://www.birth-cards.com/birth-announcements/. And if you’re hoping to make a truly unique and memorable impact on recipients you should consider sending custom Photo Birth Announcements, http://www.birth-cards.com/photo-birth-announcements/. Can you imagine how happy recipients are going to be when they open that envelope to see your little one’s face smiling back at them? Then everyone in your family can share in the joy and happiness of your newborn’s sweet face. Of course, you might feel that putting together these baby photo announcements so soon will be a real challenge. That’s why the steps below will make it easier for you to work on your Baby Announcements, http://www.birth-cards.com/baby-announcements/.

Photo Birth Announcements

Photo Birth Announcements

1. Create a Birth Announcement List

Even before your new arrival makes an appearance, you need to be thinking about who is going to receive these Photo Baby Announcements, http://www.birth-cards.com/photo-birth-announcements/photo-baby-announcements in the mail. Not only will this give you some idea of how many birth cards you need to order but also how many copies of the photo you’ll want to have made from the original.

2. Order your Birth Photo Announcements

Next you’ll want to place your order for each photo baby announcement. Make sure to shop around so you find the best deal for what you are wanting. Be sure to order in advance and to order a few extras in case you’ve left anyone off the list or make a mistake on one of them.

3. Arrange for the baby photo to be taken

Although the hospital has a service that will take the photographs for you, it usually is very expensive and the results may not be phenomenal. Instead, arrange for a family member or friend to come to the hospital to take the photos for you using a digital camera. Look at the photos together and choose the best one for your photos baby announcements.

4. Start writing the message for your baby photo birth announcement

Either while you’re still recovering at the hospital or once you get home, you can begin figuring out the message you want to create for your baby photo cards. Generally, this message will include the baby’s birth details (weight, height, time, etc.), the baby’s name, and any other information you want to provide to recipients. It’s a good idea to include the full name of the baby, especially if both of the parents have different last names.

5. Mail the Photo Baby Announcements

Once you’ve completed everything else you can get your photo birth baby announcement in the mail and on its way to a new destination. You should consider taking the cards into the post office for hand stamping yourself, especially if you’ve worked hard to make the outside of the card look as beautiful as the card itself. Those machine bar codes can make any envelope look awful. You might want to check the stamp selection as well. Sometimes you might find something that would be more appropriate than the standard postage stamp.

And don’t forget to have thank you cards on hand. When people start receiving your unique Birth Announcements Photo, http://www.birth-cards.com/photo-birth-announcements/birth-announcements-photo, they won’t be able to resist sending gifts.

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