Mar 16 2010

Baby Announcements

Baby Announcements – Announcing to the World – What to Say

The new mom’s friends and relatives are curious about the new baby. Custom Baby Announcement, help satiate that curiosity. Don’t fret over what should go into the Birth Announcements,, as it is really simply:

· full name
· birth date
· time of birth
· weight

Baby Announcements

Baby Announcements

Other Interesting Things You Might Add

Parents should also make sure that the gender of the baby is clear, even Photo Birth Announcements, should make the gender clear in some way. Many names are not gender specific so parents should indicate somewhere on the Baby Announcement, if the baby is a boy or girl.

Traditionally, the baby announcement also “ANNOUNCES” the baby by the parents. Something like “Mary and John Smith are happy to announce the birth of their baby girl…” is stated at the top of the birth announcement. However, traditions are changing and the rules are much more flexible now. Siblings of the baby can now announce the birth, as well as pets of the family or even grandparents! Including those people (and pets!) can make for a fun, touching birth announcement. Parents may even want to consider including a sibling, pet or other family members in the picture for a birth photo announcements. The baby announcement is all about the new baby, but other important people in the baby’s life can be included.

Baby Announcement Sayings, Verses & Sayings

A sweet poem or saying can also be on the baby announcement cards. Something sentimental or unique to the parents or family can be a beautiful addition to the birth announcing cards. As parents look for their 1Baby Announcements,, they might come across the perfect saying. If they have something personal to say however, many announcements can be customized with the saying they prefer. Most people do decide to have a cute poem or saying, but it is not an absolute necessity. Some parents send baby birth announcements with just the necessary announcement baby wording. This can also be beautiful, especially with a beautiful image or Photo Baby Announcements,

What About Photo Announcements?

While parents are not obligated to send a picture of the baby, sending a photo birth announcement is very popular. It is sometimes said, that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is particularity true with your picture birth announcements. After all, recipients want to be able to look at the picture on the birth photo announcement and try to figure out who the baby looks like! For that reason, only include pictures that show the baby clearly; the photo should be a close up of the baby’s features. Natural, candid photos are usually used. If parents are taking their own, they might want to consider softening the focus for the photo birth announcing cards with photo imaging software.

Signing or Personal Note

Oh, and finally, parents don’t have to sign or have any handwritten note on a Birth Announcement, Most baby announcements do not even have room for a signature. Those receiving the baby announcing cards realize the parents are busy and do not have a lot of time. If parents do want to write a personal note to any recipients they should use separate stationery because the recipient may want to display the gorgeous announcement!

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