Aug 25 2009

Baby Announcements and Baby Birth Announcement Cards

Baby Announcements and Baby Birth Announcement Cards

New babies are something that need to be talked about. The news of their arrival is definitely not something most parents want to keep a secret that is why unique baby announcements were invented in the first place. The baby announcement easily lets new parents send out information to friends and family about the new baby. The majority of parents today send out some type of baby birth announcement cards.

Sending the Baby Announcement

The main thing you will want to consider when mailing baby announcements is how quickly you want to be able to mail them when the baby is born. Baby announcements without the pertinent information that everyone is anxiously awaiting can be bought before the baby is born and filled in soon after the baby arrives. The envelopes can be addressed ahead of time so they can be mailed quickly.  The other kind of baby announcements are ordered after the baby arrives and all of the information is printed on them so that they only have to be placed in the envelope, addressed and mailed. This type of announcement includes all the baby announcement wording, but it takes longer before it can be mailed.

Choosing Baby Birth Announcements

There are unlimited styles and colors of birth baby announcements available to parents today. It is best to begin shopping around and checking the internet even before the baby is born to see which announcements are best to purchase. Baby birth announcements purchased before the birth of the baby can be non-gender announcements in green or yellow with cute animal designs. The other option is to wait until the baby is born and select baby boy announcements in blue or baby girl announcements in pink.

Composing Baby Announcement Cards

Before the baby is born determine what to write on the announcements baby cards. Some parents like to make them fancy by writing lines that rhyme while others simply write “Our Little Sweetheart”, the baby’s name, date of birth, weight and length and the name of the proud parents on the baby girl announcements. The baby boy announcements can read “Our Gift from Heaven” followed by the pertinent information. Always remember that whatever the parents choose to write should be kept short because the baby’s information is the most important part of the baby announcement cards.

Picking Photo Baby Announcements

While knowing the new baby has arrived is great for the recipient of the card, most of the friends and family members want to know what the baby looks like. Does she have her mother’s nose? Does he have his father’s eyes? Well, that’s why a photo baby announcement is a good idea. These are like ordinary baby announcements but they also include a photo of the baby. The images used in most baby photo birth announcements come from the first pictures taken in the hospital. However, thanks to digital cameras and the Internet parents can order their picture baby announcements and upload a photo of their choosing.

Completing the Baby Birth Announcement

Regardless of which baby birth announcements parents choose or what baby announcements wording ends up in the finished card, the important thing is sharing the news with loved ones. Most people can’t wait to hear this type of good news whether it comes on birth baby announcements, over the telephone, or through email. However, sending baby announcements is a good way to not only share the news but to provide loved ones with a keepsake they can cherish. Picking a lovely baby birth announcement is a good idea.

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