Dec 23 2010

Baby Announcements for Announcing Your New Baby

Baby Announcements for Announcing Your New Baby

Looking for Baby Announcements, can be challenging but not for online shopping. Choosing to shop online for your baby stationery needs is an easy decision once you look at everything available online. For example, where else can you ask for the designs to be changed just to meet your needs? A few online sites will modify any Birth Announcements, their website to fit your specifications. How’s that for service.

Unique Baby Announcements

Every baby is special and unique. Sadly, the same cannot be true for all Baby Announcement Cards, As a parent, you don’t want to end up mailing out boring cards to share such wonderful news and, thankfully, you don’t have to with their help. First, you’re going to find exclusive designs that are available only online and not at most retail stores.

If that isn’t enough to satisfy your desire for uniqueness, you can also request that they make an exclusive Baby Announcement, design just for your needs. They can do it; they just need to know that’s what you want.

The great service doesn’t stop there, however. They know you want your Birth Announcement to be perfect so we give you the option of viewing your unique Announcements Birth BEFORE you make the purchase. That way you don’t spend a penny until you’re satisfied. These extras are just the tip of the iceberg. Read further for more exciting details!

Images and Birth Announcements

While you might be able to find some adorable Baby Birth Announcements at retail stores, none of them are ever going to be as cute as your own little bundle of joy. That’s why shopping online gives you the option of adding any photo or picture to ANY of the cards on their website. You pick the design you want, upload the digital image, and they do the rest. This is a great way to get unique and adorable Birth Announcements Cards to share with your loved ones.

Birth Announcement Previewing

As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to complete your order until AFTER you’ve taken a look at your unique Birth Announcement Cards. Once you do order, however, you can still make changes to the design. Within ONE hour after receiving your order, they will email you a proof of what the finished card will look like. At that time, you can make unlimited changes to the proof at no additional cost. They just want you to be completely satisfied. Once you give them the go ahead on the proof, they will start printing your Baby Birth Announcement order.

Shipping Savings for Photo Birth Announcements

Although the cards are priced affordably, they don’t have much control over the costs of shipping. It can be quite costly. However, they do try to ease the burden on their customers. If you make a minimum purchase, you’ll receive FREE shipping for your Pregnancy Announcement. Additionally, they are the ONLY customized card businesses offering Same Day Express Shipping on ALL orders. That means you can get your Photo Birth Announcement order much faster and your loved ones can see your new arrival for themselves quicker.

On top of all those benefits, many websites also offer 10 FREE cards with every order that is just another way you can save money. Now that you know all of the benefits of choosing their services for your baby stationary, isn’t it clear why so many people buy their Baby Announcements online?

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