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Who to send Birth Announcements

Birth announcements are the best way to inform your family, friends and acquantiances that your little bundle of joy has arrived. Just who is included in this mailing list is really up to you. Generally, a birth announcement is sent to anyone who you want to share your good news with. This list could include those invited to your baby showers, friends and family who may not be able to see your new baby immediately. We suggest you begin making a list of for who you will send birth announcements to around your sixth month of pregnancy. After your list is prepared, you will then have an idea of how many birth announcements you will need so that you can start shopping for styles, designs, themes and colors. And, of course, after your list is completed you will need to start gathering the current addresses. These completed tasks will make the addressing and mailing of the birth announcements much less stressful.When to send Birth AnnouncementsBirth announcements should be sent to family and friends immediately following the arrival of your new baby. However, with the added demands on the parents’ time, it is easy to forget to send birth announcements. If possible, you should send birth announcements within the first six weeks after the baby is born. If your baby arrives during the holidays, combining the birth announcements with your holiday greeting card is acceptable and quite popular. We have an entire section of Holiday Birth Announcements for you to select from, including many with Holiday Photo Birth Announcements in which you can add a picture of your new baby. To reduce the stress of sending birth announcements on time, it is best to plan ahead by placing your order before the baby is born and addressing your envelopes early. We offer, “Envelopes Early”, where you can complete your order now, and we will send your envelope immediately. Then, when the new bundle of joy does arrive, just call and give us the details, and we will print and ship your customized birth announcements the same business day. If you order your birth announcement after your baby is born, most new moms order their birth announcements within the first two weeks after the birth of their child and mail them as they have time. Although birth announcements should be mailed within the first six weeks after giving birth, there are occasions when a new mom will order their announcements weeks or months after the baby has arrived, so if you are late, don’t fret.


What to Include with Birth Announcements There are no hard and fast rules for what you can or cannot say, or should or should not say, when selecting your personalized message for your birth announcements. We offer many a large variety of styles and themes to choose from when writing the verses for your birth announcement. We invite you to browse our extensive selection of sample birth announcement wording ideas, birth announcement sayings and birth announcement verses to get ideas on how to word your message. Here are some suggestions for what you might want to include: a. Introduction – A short passage or a popular phrase, like “We welcome with love…” or “Our home has grown by two feet…” and so on b. Baby’s Full Name c. Birth Statistics – Birth date, weight, length, time and place of birth d. Closing – Names of Parents and other family members


These are simply suggestions, but you can decide which of the data and birth statistics you want to include. For example, if your newborn is premature, it’s absolutely acceptable to omit these details. There is no requirement for you to include a photo or picture of the baby, although it is becoming much more popular to send photo birth announcements or birth announcements with baby’s picture. Handwritten messages are not necessary since we all know that new parents are overwhelmed and too busy to write personalized notes with the birth announcements. The basics of birth announcements include:a. For twins, triplets or multiples you can put one name on one side of the card and the other on the flip side to avoid any confusion. Everyone will know you’re introducing two separate babies. b. If you and your husband have different last names, it’s perfectly acceptable to use both full names in the closing. Example: John Adams and Shirley Johnson. c. Divorced or separated parents can send separate baby announcements. Each parent should include his or her name only in the closing.

d. If the mother is unmarried, she can include only her name. If she’s on good terms with the father, his name can be added. It’s a good idea to spell out the baby’s full name to avoid any confusion about which last name will be used.You will find a wide array of include Adoption Announcements Cards Alphabet Letters Birth Announcements Personalized Birth Announcements Baby Boy Birth Announcements Baby Girl Birth Announcements Cards Holiday & Christmas Birth Announcements Photo Birth Announcements Cards Pregnancy Announcements Twins Birth Announcements Baby Announcements Thank You Cards and Wording Verses Sayings & Wording Ideas for Birth Announcements Cards and Birth-Cards.

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