Aug 25 2009

Baby Invitation Wording and About Baby Invitations for the Shower Party

Baby Invitation Wording and Shower Invitations for the Party

When a new baby is being welcomed into the family, throwing a baby shower is the best and most common way to celebrate the special event. For such an occasion, the hostess of the party will want to select unique baby invitations that match the special theme of the party and that will please the happy, expecting parents, too. Of course, finding the perfect baby invitation is just part of the planning process, but it is a very important part.

Picking a Baby Invitation

One of the choices available for showers is printable baby invitations. These can be created using a computer and printed out on a home printer. Of course, the extra time and cost of creating them and the ink used to print them detract from their affordability. A better option is to shop online and have the cards printed with the message on the vendor’s end before they are shipped. Some vendors may even include free baby invitations with the purchase of an order that can be a big help to shower hosts who happen to be on a tight budget.

Invitations Baby

Invitations Baby

Invitations come in a variety of designs and colors. If the baby is a girl the host may want to pick an invitation that is designed for a girl or one that is pink in color. For baby boy invitations boyish invitations or ones that are blue will meet the need. If the shower is being planned before the baby is born, you might want to choose invitations that would be suitable for either gender. Usually yellow or green colors are used in this case and the invitations have pictures of cute animals or pictures that would serve for either a boy or a girl.

Planning the Baby Shower

The secret of a well planned baby shower is coordinating the colors with the different items you will be using. Since the invitations will set the stage for the rest of the shower they will need to be carefully selected. Many hosts use the baby’s gender to determine the theme. For example, if you choose baby girl invitations you can use pink for the color theme. Using gender specific invitations also give the invited guests a clue as to the type of gift they should buy.

Hosts who are on a tight budget for the party might opt for the printable baby shower invitations if they have more time than available cash because these are usually more affordable. Of course, using a free invitation baby shower can also cut down on costs and can leave more money in the budget for refreshments, prizes, and decorations. Many parts of the shower can be completed even on a tight budget. For example, the food can be supplied in a “pot luck” manner with each guest bringing in a dish or every one could contribute a certain amount of money to cover the costs of catering.

Preparing for the Baby Showers

Whether or not cheap baby shower invitations are used for the shower, getting everything ready for the event needs to start a few weeks ahead of time. For starters, the host needs to choose which type baby showers is going to be thrown for the expecting parents. Sprinkle showers are great for parents who already have children but who may need some essential items, such as diapers, or who just want to celebrate the new baby. Co-ed showers are a nice choice, too. These allow both male and female guests to celebrate the new arrival. The type of shower will help determine the appropriate invitations baby showers to use.

Sending Shower Invitations

Your free printable baby shower invitations need to be printed and prepared 3 to 4 weeks before the shower. They will need to be addressed to those on the guest list and be ready to send 2 weeks before the shower date. Be sure to include an RSVP card inside the baby boy or baby girl shower invitations so the host will know how many guests to prepare for. All of the guests need to know ahead of time that they are invited so the baby shower invitations need to be sent out at the same time.

Writing the Baby Invitations Wording

For hosts who are new to shower planning or to sending out invitations to any type of event, getting the perfect baby shower wordings can be a big challenge and one of the scarier parts of the experience. However, some vendors do include samples of wording choices that can be used in the cards and that can make selecting the best baby invitations wording much easier. In most cases, wording baby invitations is as simple as “Kelly and Dan are welcoming a new baby into their family! Let’s celebrate this joyous event together” followed by the party details.

Regardless of which invitations are selected or of what type of shower is being thrown, the important thing for any host is to put together a guest list of people the parents will want to celebrate with and that will help make this special day even more wonderful for everyone involved. After all, nothing is more exciting or more worth celebrating than the arrival of a new baby into any family. It’s definitely the perfect reasons to have a great celebration. Worry less about the baby invitation wording and more about the celebration.

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