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Baby Photo Announcements

Birth Photo Announcements and Photo Baby Announcements

If having a baby wasn’t enough of a challenge, once you’ve gotten the bundle of joy you next need to worry about sending out Unique Photo Announcements, http://www.birth-cards.com/photo-birth-announcements/photo-announcements to your friends and family members. While letting the world know about the arrival of your new addition isn’t so bad, keeping track of proper etiquette for wording those Photo Birth Announcements, http://www.birth-cards.com/photo-birth-announcements/ can be a struggle. Below are some tips on appropriate birth announcement wording that might be useful for your Birth Announcements, http://www.birth-cards.com/birth-announcements/

Birth Photo Announcements

Birth Photo Announcements

Proper Wording for Photo Baby Announcements

If you’re a couple who are jointly going to be sending out the photo birth announcement, you’ll want to include both of your names. For example, you might write “Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Smith” or “Andrew and Anna Smith.” The choice is yours. In addition to your names, you’ll also have to include all of the information about the baby, such as his or her name, gender, weight, length and more. Of course, this is the easiest situation for the announcements and not everyone’s situation is so easy.

For example, if the parents have different last names, this can cause some confusion about the proper way to add their names to the baby birth announcement. Generally, the best choice is to write both names separately: John Doe and Jane Smith. The baby’s full name should also be included so recipients will not be confused as to whose last name was given to the child. This same rule applies to married couples who have different surnames, couples who aren’t married, and alternative lifestyle couples.

Another problem with traditional Photo Baby Announcements, http://www.birth-cards.com/photo-birth-announcements/photo-baby-announcements is that you may not always want to include all of the birth information. If your baby was born prematurely and was very small in size, for example, you can leave off the height and weight information. However, you should still include a photo so friends and family members can see your new arrival.

Couples who adopt a baby may also be confused about how to handle announcements. Thankfully, there aren’t many differences. If there is any information you do not have, simply omit it from the announcement photo. Otherwise, treat it just like any other Baby Photo Announcements, http://www.birth-cards.com/photo-birth-announcements/baby-photo Parents who adopted their child from a different country may also want to include the location to prevent speculation by recipients who may not have been aware of your plans.

Other Unusual Circumstances for Birth Picture Announcements

When you’re sending printed photo announcements as a single parent, you might also feel a bit unsure how to include yourself on the cards. If you were recently widowed, for example, you would include your name followed by “and the late John Doe.” For other single parents, it’s completely acceptable to only list your name. You may want to include the name of the other parent but only if they find such an addition to the photo baby invitations acceptable. Otherwise, leave them off.

Finally, if you are a separated or a divorced couple, the best way to handle the situation is to send out separate photo announcements.

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