Mar 22 2010

Baby Shower for the Second Time Mom

Sprinkle Baby Shower for the Second Time Mom

Firstborns get a lot of fanfare – and with that fanfare comes loads of gear. Typically, the second-time mom has most of the things she will need for the latest addition to the family. A Sprinkle Baby Shower, lets the second or third time mom-to-be knows this baby is just as adored and loved as the first. Sprinkle Baby Shower Invitations, should be sent out a bit more sparingly than the Baby Invitations, for a traditional Baby Shower, The sprinkle is most often an intimate gathering of the mother’s closest friends and family members.

Sprinkle Baby Shower Invitations

Sprinkle Baby Shower Invitations

Casual Nature of the Sprinkle Baby Showers

The host should keep in mind that a large affair will likely overwhelm the expectant mom. Chances are, she neither needs nor particularly wants a large number of gifts. Toys, gear and clothing are often handed down from elder child to younger child. The sprinkle baby shower invitation should indicate that the gathering will be a casual get-together.

Expectant mothers with existing children are often harried and rarely have a chance to pamper themselves. The sprinkle shower is the ideal time for those close to her to provide her with little luxuries, like spa treatments, her favorite meal or simply some time sans children to sip tea and gab with the girls. The Invitations Sprinkle Baby Shower, can be customized to let guests know the star of the shower will be the mother herself.

Gender Factor in Sprinkles Shower

The sprinkle showers can be particularly useful if the mom-to-be is having a baby of the opposite gender of the first. If the gender of the subsequent child is known, this information can be useful on the baby sprinkle invitations. This will let the guests know that clothing and gender-specific items would be appreciated. No matter the gender of the subsequent child, some items are always necessary. Diaper-themed parties are particularly appreciated. Guests can shower the mom with diapers in a wide variety of sizes. The theme can even be incorporated in the shower sprinkle invitation.

Needs vs Wants

When it comes to second-time showers, needs outweigh wants. The mom-to-be may appreciate, above all, some frozen homemade meals to provide the family with tasty food in those stressful first weeks after the new baby arrives. Handmade, personalized gifts will also make the new baby feel welcomed and loved. These requests can be made through the Baby Sprinkle Shower Invitations,

The baby invitation is a relatively modern item, so the theme can reflect anything, from smaller-scale traditional shower themes to a day of beauty for the expectant mom. From gender-specific sprinkles to sprinkles that provide the mom with much-needed services, custom sprinkle baby shower invitations can make the occasion special.

Even though the firstborn may get the most attention at its babies shower, subsequent children needn’t feel left out. Sprinkle baby shower invitations are beautiful mementos that will be treasured for a lifetime. With free or inexpensive online invitations available for printing, picking out the perfect Invitations Sprinkle Baby Shower, is easier than ever.

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