Aug 25 2009

Baby Shower Types for Your Baby Shower Party Celebrations

Baby Shower Types for Your Baby Shower Party Celebrations

Welcoming a baby into the world is always a big deal and deserves to be celebrated with a baby shower. But before the host can begin sending out the baby shower invitations, some tough choices need to be made including that baby shower types are going to be most appropriate for this event. Then the focus can turn to other important parts of the event, including the games. Read All About Baby Showers.

Coed Baby Showers

Coed Baby Showers

Choosing Baby Shower Invitations

The most necessary part of planning a baby shower is choosing the type of baby shower invitation that will be used.  A search for baby shower invitations on the internet will give you plenty of options to choose from. Consider the type of party and the theme of the party in choosing the baby shower cards. The invitations will need to be in hand and finished in order to be mailed at least 2 weeks before the shower date.

Choosing a Baby Shower Theme

Even before choosing the FREE baby shower invitations, the host needs to consider the different baby shower themes and decide which he is going to use. The theme is important because it will be what ties the entire baby shower together and will make it an unforgettable experience for everyone. When looking at available themes baby shower the host needs to consider to what detail and expense he wants to go. The simplest themes would be a pink theme for girls or a blue theme for boys. If the gender isn’t known, a “showers of happiness” theme, using yellow or green colors can be used. Once the theme is chosen, everything else you do should follow the theme.

Picking Baby Shower Wording

You don’t have to worry about how to do the shower invitations wording. Looking through the sample invitations on the internet will give you lots of ideas for wording baby shower invites.  The main thing to remember is to be sure that all of the essential information that the guests will need to know is included. Although the baby shower invitations wording may be a challenge, it doesn’t have to cause discomfort for the host.

Selecting Baby Shower Games

Games baby shower  are one of the most memorable parts of a baby shower. No shower is complete without them. Be sure to have all of the guests write a special piece of advice for the new mother. Ask them to be as original and creative as possible. A favorite baby shower game is “Don’t Say Baby”. When each guest arrives give them 5 clothespins to pin on their clothes. During the evening if someone catches her saying baby she has to give them one of her clothespins. The one who has the most clothespins at the end of the evening wins. Another baby shower game is to place as many Q-tips as you can in a jar and have each guest guess how many are in the jar. The one that comes closest wins.

Planning for Different Baby Shower Types

No one type of shower is going to be perfect for all new parents. In most cases, the host has to decide which type of shower is going to be the best choice. For parents expecting two bundles of joy instead of one, a twins baby shower might be the perfect choice. Instead, of one cake there could be two. In fact, everything could be doubled. Finding invitations specifically for this type of shower is possible through some online vendors. Selecting the best baby shower types for the party is important for the rest of the planning, too.

Another option is the couples baby shower or coed baby shower. With this event, both male and female guests are invited and are welcome to attend the festivities. Of course, the host needs to make sure both genders are going to be entertained and that can be challenging. Finally, a surprise baby shower is another great choice. The trick is getting the parents (or the mom) to the party without alerting them that they are going to a celebration for their new baby. That takes plenty of planning. The host also needs to specify in the invitations that the party is going to be a surprise so no one lets the cat out of the bag. For any type of shower, the important thing to remember is the importance of having everyone together to celebrate the wonderful new addition to the family.

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