Jan 07 2010

Cards and Announcements to Announce Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy Cards and Pregnancy Announcement to Announce Your Pregnancy

Obviously, when you have a baby many things are going to change in your life. Regardless of whether you’ve been planning for a child or not, being blessed with a new bundle of joy will be something you want to share with others. One way to do that is to send custom Pregnancy Cards, http://www.birth-cards.com/pregnancy-stationery/pregnancy-cards. Of course, not everyone agrees that sending out Pregnancy Announcements, http://www.birth-cards.com/pregnancy-stationery/pregnancy-announcements to friends and family is the best option. Here are some ideas to think about.

Pregnancy Cards and Announcements

Pregnancy Cards and Announcements

Pregnancy Announcement: The Cost Factor

As you may imagine, the Pregnancy Stationery, http://www.birth-cards.com/pregnancy-stationery/ will be a relatively inexpensive purchase. You’ll need to pay for enough to send to everyone you know and postage costs alone could by costly. In less than a year, you’ll be repeating the entire process again to send out birth announcements once your new family member has officially arrived. While you may be very excited about the news and may want to make a formal baby announcements like this, if your budget is already tight then you may want to skip this idea.

Of course, you can still let people know via email and telephone call. You could even write a note to some of your distant friends and family if you want.

Pregnancy Announcing Cards & Timing

If you do decide to send out these We’re Pregnant Announcements, you may want to wait a little while before you mail them. The reason is sometimes pregnant women have complications which could cause them to lose the baby during that first trimester without warning. While it’s not a pleasant thing to think about, it’s a good reason to hold off on too much celebration until you’re sure that everything is going well. The best advice on timing then is to mail the announcements after you pass the 13th week on your Pregnancy Calendar, http://www.birth-cards.com/pregnancy-stationery/pregnancy-calendar. If your doctor gives you the green light at that point, you can drop all of those cards into the mailbox with a happy heart.

Unique Pregnancy Cards: Ideas

We’ve all heard of people including photos of their newborn children on their birth announcement so why can’t women who are pregnant do something similar? The answer is they can by using an image from one of their ultrasounds. Just like any other photo, the image can be scanned into a computer and duplicated onto the photo birth announcements so that when people receive them they can get a preview of this bundle of joy growing inside you.

If you don’t like the idea of using your ultrasound pictures, why not have a photograph taken of you and your partner. If you’re already showing a little, that’s great because it will look great in the images you can use for the Pregnancy Cards. Plus, you’ll always have something you can show your child when he or she grows up. You can point to your blossoming stomach and tell your little one that’s where he or she is in the photo, and even include some personal Announcement Pregnancy Cards, http://www.birth-cards.com/pregnancy-stationery/announcement-pregnancy.

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