Mar 18 2010

Ideas for Just the Right Baby Shower Invitations

Baby Shower Invitation Ideas for Just the Right Baby Shower Invitations

The choices for custom Baby Shower Invitations, are wide open for today’s shower host. Online baby stationery shoppes have opened up a whole new world for people seeking Baby Shower Invitation Ideas, for the most personalized, customized Baby Invitations,

Baby Shower Invitation

Baby Shower Invitation

Picking your Baby Shower Themes,

Deciding on a theme is the first step in picking out the perfect Shower Invitations, The theme can be traditional, cute, religious, modern or trendy. Once the theme has been chosen, the host doesn’t even have to leave the comfort of her or his home to select the ideal shower invitations baby. The invitations can be selected, personalized with the host’s chosen wording and delivered straight to the host’s home.

More Shower Ideas

The invite is a special ticket to a fabulous celebration of life and love. It could be shaped and worded like a ticket, including the name of the mother-to-be, the date and the other pertinent information. Another variation would be a VIP pass to the special occasion, making the guests feel like valued individuals at a very posh event. For the more traditional shower, pink or blue invitations fit the bill, while the more modern themes can include colors like green, yellow, chocolate and purple. Noah’s ark, bees, ladybugs, bears and nursery rhymes remain popular themes for shower invitations.

Almost any theme can be included in the baby shower invitation, especially with digital photography available to the host. Some online baby stationery shoppes can incorporate photos or other images for use on the card. The modern host can even design the invites herself and print them on a variety of cards stock.

Types of Baby Shower Invitation Ideas,

Even pre-made cards can be creative and fun. With several shower stationery stores providing the latest trends, any theme the host can think of can be found on a shower card. Welcome home shower invites can even include a photo of the newborn. Digital photos can be sent to the online baby stationery shoppes and printed on the invitation.

For the craftier host, she could design their own baby invites and have the design printed by a professional printer using high-quality paper. The homemade cards, although not recommended, can be crafted using ribbons, tissue paper, stickers, vellum, felt or beads. The unique Baby Shower Wording, can be either printed or handcrafted in calligraphy or script. Shaped cards are other options. They can be in the shape of umbrellas, bears, ducks, baby onesies, baby carriages, baby bottles, booties or any number of special designs. A few online personalized baby stationery stores will honor special requests.

Handmade, special-ordered or pre made, the possibilities for crafting the ideal shower invitation are endless. But no matter Baby Shower Invitation Ideas, the host chooses, the guests are sure to smile when they see they’ve been invited to the glorious celebration.

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