Dec 30 2009

Invitations for a Baby Couples Shower

Couples Baby Shower Invitations for Baby Couples Shower

Once upon a time, the Baby Shower, was meant only for women. If you look at the history of the Baby Shower Party,’ll find that they started mainly as a way to keep the new mother occupied while she was in seclusion with her newborn for months. Mothers everywhere are probably thankful that’s no longer the case, and many also welcome the switch to Couples Baby Shower, Of course changing the guest list might also mean making some changes in personalized Baby Shower Invitations, and other party factors.

Baby Couples Shower Invitations

Baby Couples Shower Invitations

The Guest List for the Baby Couples Shower

Obviously, one of the main changes when you decide on a Coed Baby Shower, is who is going to receive the baby shower invitation to the couples baby shower. When it was mainly an event for moms, the guest list consisted primarily of female family members and friends of the mom-to-be. Now the guest list can be broadened to include friends and family of both sexes. Be aware that the change might result in a bigger shower than you might have been prepared to manage. On the bright side, the couple will probably score a lot more great gifts.

Activities for the Baby Coed Shower

Because of the varied guest list, you might want to make a few other changes. For example, now a friend or family member of either gender can now be chosen to host the shower. There may not be many guys out there who want to send out couples shower invitations but at least now those that want to can if they so choose. It’s a good change, too, since some couples have an abundance of male friends and few female friends who could be the host.

Even more important than who might get to be the lucky host of the event is what types of activities to choose that will appeal to the varied guests at a baby showers couples party. You don’t want to make the men feel as if they are just along for the ride but you also don’t want to totally dilute the entire idea of the shower. For starters, you may want to have a man and a woman work on planning some couples baby shower games together. That way you’ll have input from both sexes and that should generate some activities that make everyone happy. Trivia contests about the couples are a great choice. You could also break the group into male and female pairs for activities, such as diapering contests or baby food tasting events.

If you’re looking for couples baby shower ideas, just remember you don’t want to divide the genders. When you are hosting couple baby showers, you want both sexes to participate together. That doesn’t mean having a television playing ESPN in one room while all of the women exchange childbirth horror stories in the other part of the house. Remember those couples baby shower invitation is going to both genders so plan accordingly.

Also, don’t hesitate to ask the mom and dad. They know their male and female friends better than anyone and can help give you tips on throwing couple baby showers for them.

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