Dec 31 2009

Invitations for a Sprinkle Baby Shower Party

Sprinkle Baby Shower Invitations for Baby Shower Party

Sending out a baby shower invitation can be one of the most fun things you can do if you have a friend who is expecting but what do you when the parents in question already have one or two bouncing bundles of joy at home? Does it still make sense to have a full-fledged Baby Shower Party, The good news is you don’t have to write them and deny them a Baby Shower, just because they have more than one child. Instead, of throwing a large shower consider instead throwing a Sprinkle Baby Shower, http://www.birth-

Sprinkle Baby Shower Invitations

Sprinkle Baby Shower Invitations

The Difference Between the Traditional Showers & Baby Sprinkle Shower Invitations

Typically, the Baby Shower Invitations, are sent to a few dozen guests from both side of the extended family, as well as friends and co-workers. You’ll probably also have quite a bit of refreshments and there should be a lot of gifts for the baby. Most of these events are held in public places, such as the party rooms in restaurants or recreational centers at churches or other facilities. The sprinkle baby shower differs a bit.

First, you’re going to have a smaller guest list. You want to stick to the closest family and friends – that means you can leave off the great aunts and uncles if you want. Co-workers need not be invited either. They might choose to have their own celebration for the expecting parents anyway. Second, most of these events are held in a more casual setting, such as the hostess’s home or backyard. You can definitely still have refreshments but most of the gifts are going to be more practical because the assumption is that you will have items they can use from past children, such as strollers or baby swings.

Now if a lot of time has passed between the births of the children, go ahead and send out regular sprinkle baby shower invitations. Chances are that those parents need to start over with new everything. However, if the kids are just a couple of years apart, you’re better off with the sprinkle option.

Gift Ideas for Baby Sprinkles

If you’ve opted for having sprinkle baby showers, make sure that idea is reflected in the gift ideas you give guests who call with questions. Gift cards, deposits into college funds, baby bottles, diapers, even bibs and pacifiers are all great gift choices. Some clothes and blankets are also appropriate because no one wants to dress the new baby only in hand-me-down clothes. However, overdoing it on clothes isn’t really necessary at a sprinkle baby shower.

When you’re throwing a traditional shower or a sprinkle shower, you will probably also need to plan for the presence of the older siblings. To make them feel comfortable, you should show them some photos from their own showers and celebrations so they will know that people cared about them even before they arrived, too. Consider asking slightly older siblings to help with the planning. They can help choose refreshments and can even decorate the location.

Don’t forget to tell the parents that you’re going to be throwing a sprinkle baby shower instead of a full one. And, these are also ideal for the Couples Baby Shower, or Coed Baby Shower,

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