Mar 23 2010

Invitations for Twins, Triplets and Other Multiples

Twin Baby Shower Invitations for Twins, Triplets and Other Multiples

Twins and other multiples need double, triple or quadruple the love! Throwing a Baby Shower, for the mom-to-be of twins or multiples can be loads of excitement. The Twin Baby Shower Invitations,, Triplets Baby Invitations, and Multiples Shower Invitations, all provide creative and fun ways to let the guests know they’ll be celebrating the arrival of more than one baby.

Twin Baby Shower Invitations

Twin Baby Shower Invitations

Twins Baby Shower Invitations

For the mom expecting two at once, “Peas in a Pod” is a common theme for the occasion. Twin invitations, favors and decorations can pull the “peas” theme together perfectly. The theme can also be used for showers for triplets, just including three peas in the pod on the triplets shower invitation instead of two.

Twins are a more common phenomenon than multiples, so “double” themes can be included in everything from the decorations to the invitations twin showers. On Noah’s ark, there were two of every animal. The host can incorporate two of several animals into the shower twin baby invites, as well as the decorations. The old Wrigley’s Doublemint commercials always promised “double your pleasure, double your fun.” A creative hostess can include this wording on the invitations and maybe give out sticks of gum with specially-designed wrappers as favors.

Baby Party Theme

Moms who like card games can be showered with card-themed parties, incorporating two of a kind, three of a kind or even four of a kind. The invitations for twins, triplets or multiples can be personalized to feature these adorable themes. Much like the sprinkle, where moms-to-be already have children, the expectant family could really use lots of diapers. Incorporating the diaper theme into the cards will let the guests know these necessities will be greatly appreciated.

For the parents of multiples, life gets stressful very quickly. The invitation cards could indicate that guest should bring some homemade meals for the new family to enjoy during those hectic first days as parents of two or more. The host of the shower for multiples should keep in mind that many twins and multiples deliver early. A shower after the babies arrive will avoid mishaps if the mom-to-be goes into labor early or must have an emergency Caesarean section.

Personalized Invitation – A Little Extra for the Twin Baby Shower,

Whatever type of party the expectant mom receives, she will always treasure a Twin Baby Shower Invitation, to remind her of the special day her family and friends put together for her. Putting aside at least one extra invitation will make the mom-to-be’s shower experience complete. An invitation delivered in a pretty frame is a special way to commemorate the party.

No matter how many babies the guest of honor is expecting, the invitations can creatively announce the exciting event.

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