Mar 19 2010

Invitations for Your Special Baby Shower Party

Shower Invitations for Your Special Baby Shower Party

Personalized Shower Invitations, are easier than ever to find, given the prevalence of online baby shower stationery shoppes. The personal touches will make the Baby Shower Invitations, a keepsake for the mother-to-be, as well as for the guests who receive them.

Shower Invitations

Shower Invitations

The Custom Shower Invitation

The customized baby shower invitation can include everything from photographs to special wording to special formatting. Perhaps one of the most innovative ways for guests to remember the date is the printed invitations shower. Some stationery printers can incorporate the baby shower wording, design and theme into a unique invitation. The Shower Invitations Baby, can be included as a nifty reminder – and as a keepsake from the special day.

Personal Baby Invitations, can include photos of the expectant couple, the mom-to-be or even the newborn if the shower is being held after the baby is born. A new trend in custom invitations is including a photo of the expectant mom’s baby bump. With more people accepting pregnant women as beautiful and sexy, the round, pregnant belly is being sported proudly. If the shower is being held for both the mom- and dad-to-be, the father can be included in the photograph as well.

Other Type Baby Shower

For the baby welcome home shower, the invite can incorporate any number of custom items. The guests would simply adore receiving an announcement with a photo of the new baby. Another creative way to announce the baby is with tiny footprints or handprints. They could include the little one’s handprint or footprint for a custom touch. The baby’s name can also be creatively included in the card. The first name can be spelled out in blocks or the baby’s first, middle and last name can be included on the invitation.

Even if the host decides to go with a more traditional theme for the shower invite can include personal touches. The baby invitation could include a special poem for the expectant couple or a quote from the expectant mom’s favorite children’s book.

When to Order

The host who chooses the personalized Shower Invitations, should know that with some baby stationery shoppes, custom invites will not take any longer to receive than non-customized invitations. Ordering should be done a week or so before the host plans to send the invitations out to ensure the printing is done right and the shipping from the printers doesn’t take longer than expected.

Just about everything from the graphics to the lettering to the wording on the Shower Invitations can be personalized. Even the type of paper or decoration on the announcement can be custom designed. The host should be certain to set aside the special Shower Invitations, so the expectant mom will have a personalized, from-the-heart memento from the shower. She will relish the gift for a lifetime.

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