Aug 25 2009

Party Baby Shower and Baby Shower Invitations

Party Baby Shower and Baby Shower Invitations

When a friend or family member makes the announcement of a new baby on its way, everyone is excited. One way to channel that excitement and to do something very helpful for the new mom is to host a baby shower party in her honor. The party should include all of her friends and family members, plus the father’s friends and family. Once the guest list is made and the printable baby shower invitations are sent, everyone can get together and have an incredible time at this baby shower to celebrate the growing family.

Baby Shower History

Why do people have baby showers in the first place? Well, the tradition started a long time ago. During the Victorian era, women who just had a baby were kept isolated with the child for several months. This was mostly to protect the baby from the possibilities of an infection from having so many visitors. Remember that medicine wasn’t as advanced back then so germs could easily make a young baby very ill. When the period was over, however, family members came to celebrate and see the baby. Baby shower invitations probably came much later. The idea of bringing gifts to the new parents dates back even further. Evidence suggests in ancient Egypt families would give new parents gifts to help them care for their new bundle of joy. No shower invitations seem to have been required then but they certainly do help today.

Selecting Baby Shower Themes

One of the more modern additions to traditional showers is the baby shower theme, a style or symbol that ties everything in the party together. Even the invitations baby shower are supposed to match the theme. Hosts trying to choose themes baby shower sometimes find the task to be a challenge, but keeping the theme simple is the best idea. One possibility is to stick to a color theme: pink, blue, even green or yellow would be nice choices. Some hosts like to combine colors: pink and chocolate brown are a great mix and look beautiful as decorations. Movie characters, lady bugs, frogs, chicks, and many other real or fictional creatures can work as themes, too.

Planning Baby Shower Events

Anyone hosting baby shower events knows that being in charge of the entire baby shower party can be stressful. However, the best way to plan baby showers is to start with a list of everything that needs to be done. For example, the list should include creating the guest list, ordering the invitations, purchasing the refreshments, selecting the location, decorating, and picking games. Baby shower planning is much easier when the tasks are shared between multiple hosts. Another advantage of having more than one host for the party is that the expenses can also be split. Putting together one of these events can be expensive and might mean that people have to work together to cover all of the costs.

Choosing Baby Shower Games

Party Baby Shower

Party Baby Shower

Ask each guest to bring their baby shower invitation to the event then put them in a big box and let the mom-to-be select one or two to win door prizes. This is a good idea if the party might not be long enough to play many games. Another idea is to give every guest a clothes pin when they arrive. Have a secret word, such as “diapers” or “baby,” then each time someone says the word the guest who catches them gets the other clothes pin. The object of the game is to collect the most clothes pins to win.

Having a Party Baby Shower

No matter what types of refreshments are served or games are played, the important thing about baby shower parties is they bring families together for this wonderful event. All of the baby shower decorations in the world won’t mean much unless the families of the new parents are able to come together and welcome the new arrival. After all, a baby is the ultimate way to unite two families. And that’s what party baby showers are really all about. The host of any baby shower party should keep that in mind.

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