Mar 08 2010

Photo Birth Announcements

Photo Birth Announcements Trends with New Baby

The announcement of a new baby should be special and unique. FREE Photo Birth Announcements, are popular since digital photo technology makes producing unique Photo Baby Announcements , easier than ever before. The photo can be uploaded to most Birth Announcements, websites. Parents can receive the photo birth announcement right at their door – eliminating a trip to the store with a newborn baby!

Photo Birth Announcements

Photo Birth Announcements

Birth Photo Announcements – Phrases or Poetry?

Announcements with simple, touching phrases or poetry are always popular for birth picture announcements. By adding the baby’s name, birth date and weight, parents can still personalize the baby birth announcement for their new baby without the photo. A separate picture can always be inserted into the baby announcement for those family and friends that may want a photo to display.

However, the most popular trend is the baby photo announcement itself. This sleek and personal option is a hit with the recipients. It is not necessary to go to a professional photographer either. You need to ensure that the picture is not fuzzy, or out of focus, and presents the baby in the best light. If the photo is taken too far away or the lighting is dark, the announcement will not look professional.

When to Send Birth Picture Announcements

While traditionally, birth announcing cards are sent close to the actual birth, it is certainly acceptable in today’s hectic life to send the baby’s announcements later. If they are sent out when the baby is 2 – 12 months, send out Birth Photo Announcements , with either a newborn baby photo or a current picture of the baby. Recipients, especially those distant relatives and friends, will appreciate a baby photo announcement regardless of the baby’s age when they receive the announcing baby card.

Seasonal Trends for Photo Birth Announcements

Seasonal trends should also be considered for the photo birth cards are no exception. If the announcements will be going out near a major holiday like Christmas, Thanksgiving or Independence Day, parents can make announcements unique by using the colors of the season for the birth photo announcement. Parents can also consider using seasonal props (i.e. Christmas stockings, pumpkins, American Flags) in the photos for the baby announcement cards.

Trendy color choices range from traditional baby pastels to deep hues for all Birth Baby Announcements, In all color schemes, parents should consider choosing colors in the announcement that match or complement the baby’s outfit or surroundings in the photo. If the photo is cohesive with the colors on the card, the announcement will look more professional.

Using Props with Your Birth Cards

Another fun idea for personalized, unique Photo Birth Announcements, is to use props that are unique to the family or parents. For parents that play golf consider taking a picture of the baby on the putting green with Dad, or if the family plays soccer, take a picture of the baby with a soccer ball. The options are endless and can match the design and color scheme of the picture birth announcement itself to further add to the charm.

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