Aug 25 2009

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Free Pregnancy Cards

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Free Pregnancy Cards

While most parents are likely to send out birth announcements after their new baby enters the world, fewer send out pregnancy announcements. However, there’s no good reason not to send a pregnancy announcement to friends and family members who will be happy to hear the good news. The card is more personal than a mass email and makes it easy to reach family members or friends not commonly talked to over the phone. These pregnancy announcement cards can be a perfect choice for many couples.

Good Reasons to Send Pregnancy Stationery

The reason to send traditional baby announcements is obvious: everyone wants to know that a new baby has joined the family. But a pregnancy announcement provides a similar purpose. The mother-to-be is probably overjoyed about having the baby and about announcing pregnancy details to everyone she is close to. This is only natural. Plus, sending out announcements pregnancy can be a great way to answer all of those common questions that will come her way as soon as the news reaches others. Why answer them multiple times when the card will answer them all once?

Choosing Pregnancy Announcement Cards

Choosing pregnancy announcements cards may be a little more difficult than regular baby announcements because not as many companies carry them. The couple needs to look carefully through the internet vendors and see what announcement pregnancy cards are available. If a specific pregnancy card is not available, a blank card with a picture of a baby or a couple with a baby will work just as well. When couples choose their pregnancy announcement stationary, they should keep in mind the reason they are buying the cards and purchase something that matches their excitement and  personality – choose something unique.

Getting Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

One of the best ideas pregnancy announcement stationery can help new parents accomplish is not just sharing the good news but inviting recipients to a celebration of the good news. Having a party to celebrate the event is a great idea. With creative pregnancy announcements, both of these goals can easily be accomplished. The parents can also choose how much information to include in the card and how much to tell friends and family members in person. Other announcement ideas pregnancy might include sending a picture of the first ultrasound with the cards if copies of the image can be made easily. Another idea would be to include a link to a blog or web site where the new parents can keep the family updated on the baby’s progress.

Enjoying the Surprise Pregnancy Announcement

If a couple has wanted to have a child for awhile, the surprise pregnancy announcements will be just the thing to announce their special news.  They won’t be able to tell everyone as soon as they know for sure, but they will enjoy the excited phone calls they will receive as family and friends begin to open their announcements. The pregnancy announcement surprise will be best if the couple have kept the news a total secret. The pregnancy announcement wording should be kept very simple, basically just including a statement like “We’re expecting a baby!”, “A baby is on the way!” or  “A baby!” and the expected due date. The card should be signed with the parents’ names.

Using Free Pregnancy Cards

While sharing good news might not be the best time to worry about the budget, many parents need to start saving money from day one to meet the needs of their new addition. Pregnancy cards are an additional expense but some stationery vendors do provide discounts and even free announcement cards pregnancy when an order is placed. Shopping around for the best deals on a pregnancy card is a good way for parents to share the news without having to sacrifice their pregnancy announcements.

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