Dec 31 2009

Shower Invitations for An Original Baby Shower

Original Baby Shower and Baby Shower Party

While you’re getting those Shower Invitations, ready for the mail, it might be fun to stop for a moment and think about how the tradition of throwing these events started in the first place. Today, we never really think about the original Baby Shower, because the events are so commonplace. However, there must have been a time when Baby Shower Invitations, were sent out for the first celebration. Maybe now is a good time to learn the celebration’s history.

The Baby Shower Party: An Early History,

Most researchers suspect the origin of baby showers took place thousands of years ago either in ancient Egypt or ancient Rome. Historians claims to have evidence of a type of event similar to our baby showers having taken place back then. Of course, the events then were probably more about assisting the mother in her preparations for the baby and less about having a great celebration.

Back then, the events were probably thrown after the baby was born. Since no ultrasound machines existed in ancient times, the sex of the baby wouldn’t be known in advance so giving mothers the proper items might have been a challenge ahead of time. More importantly, the infant mortality rate in many of these early civilizations was quite high so celebrations were probably delayed to make sure the baby would be in good health.

Orginial Baby Shower Invitations

Orginial Baby Shower Invitations

Finding Out How Baby Showers Got Started More Recently

The birth of a baby wasn’t celebrated immediately even in more recent times. For example, new mothers and their babies during the 19th century had to be secluded for about a month from everyone else. Then they would make a triumphant debut at baby showers held in their honor. These were often combined with other big events in the baby’s life, such as the christening or the baptism.

The seclusion and debut tradition continued throughout Victorian times. However, some women began to also have tea parties for women who were expecting. During these women-only get-togethers, the women could talk about their relationships before the baby arrived. They might also be able to share some helpful advice on being a mom. In fact, these women were sometimes also allowed to visit the new mother and her child during their secluded period. These visits would be accompanied by gifts and plenty of conversation to keep the mother occupied. Most of these traditions have now been incorporated into today’s baby shower. However, the real changes didn’t begin until the 1900′s.

Baby Shower Planning after World War II

After World War II, life in the United States changed drastically. Besides surviving a second massive, horrendous war, American people were seeing their incomes increase and were finally begin able to buy more things than earlier generations could have ever imagined. Baby showers were one example of this. In fact, modern babyshowers origins can be traced back to the desire to show of the parents’ prosperity with a gigantic party and a celebration of the baby.

Interestingly, the original baby shower was something very practical. It was a way to help moms prepare for their baby or to overcome the difficulties of being secluded from the rest of the world. Those early people probably never imagined that today we would be celebrating the birth of a baby with games, food, and diaper baby cakes.

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