Mar 23 2010

Shower Trends Styles for Baby Shower Party

Baby Shower Trends Styles for Baby Shower Party

When it comes to Baby Shower Trends Styles, for unique Baby Shower Invitations,, almost anything goes these days for today’s Baby Shower Party,

Baby Shower Trends

Baby Shower Trends

Gender Consideration

For the mom-to-be who knows the gender of her baby, the gender specific parties are always fashionable, and pink and blue free Baby Invitations, are still remarkably popular for these parties. Chocolate is also a very popular color, according to party planners. Chocolate and blue or chocolate and pink are common color schemes for cheap Shower Invitations, For the mom expecting a boy, airplanes, sports, sailboats and trains are ideal. For the mom having a girl, princess, pony, frog prince and sand castles are perfect.

If the expectant mom doesn’t know the gender of the child – or if the host doesn’t know – the theme can be almost anything. Some popular trends right now include Noah’s ark, bees, bunnies, ladybugs, nursery rhymes, zoo, peas in a pod and circus themes. These themes are all pretty standard for the baby shower party.

Traditional Themes

Some more traditional baby shower trends styles themes include storks, ducks or even cartoon babies. For showers held at a church, synagogue or temple, a religious theme can be incorporated into the baby invites. For the traditional tea party or garden party, a floral theme can be included in the invitation. If the baby is due around a major holiday, the invitations can include various references to the holiday. For example, invitations for babies due around Christmas could incorporate Santa hats, mistletoe, holly or Christmas ornaments. Those due around Halloween could include little pumpkins.

Surprise Showers and Other Options

Sometimes the baby shower is held after the baby is born. If this is the case, the baby’s photo can be included in a personalized Invitations Baby Shower, Also, if the shower is a surprise party, the host can integrate a photo of the pregnant guest of honor into the invite. Invitations for the couples shower baby should steer clear of frilly themes and should, instead, focus on the expectant couple.

These days, the fathers-to-be are showered too, so the invite can include a silhouette or cartoon of an expectant couple. The baby bump is a popular invitation motif as well, with proudly displayed baby bellies announcing the shower. The host of the shower can pick just about any theme. With a custom baby shower invitation becoming more common, almost anything the host can dream up can be transferred to a creative, personalized announcement.

Non Traditional Ideas

Online shower invites can reflect any expectant mother’s style. For a less-traditional style, they can even focus more on the guest of honor rather than the baby. Almost any Baby Shower Trends Styles that can be dreamt up can be integrated into the invitation. The entire shower party can be shaped around the theme established by the invitation and once the foundation is set, the possibilities for the Baby Shower Trends Styles, endless.

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