Mar 23 2010

Stork Birth Announcements

Stork Birth Announcements for Baby Announcement Cards

The tradition of a Stork carrying a sack or basket with a baby bundle full of joy is always a great option for custom Birth Announcements, The tradition is said to have started in Scandanavia and has become the universal symbol for a “special delivery.” Stork Birth Announcements are whimsical and humorous. For that reason, the stork birth announcement is a classic way to announce the joy of a new baby.

Stork Birth Announcements

Stork Birth Announcements

Stork Birth Announcement Wording

The wording on the Stork Birth Announcement Card, is not much different than other Baby Announcements, Parents can still announce the baby in their own personal way. By looking around on the internet for birth stork announcements or sayings, parents may find a baby stork announcement that is appropriate for their style or they may want to come up with a saying of their own. Even with the traditional and classic stork announcement, parents can make it unique and personal with sayings or photos.

Stork Announcements Theme

If the parents are looking for a theme for the set of cards they will need to spread the news about their baby, a stork birth card is a great option. Stork cards can also be used for pregnancy announcements or baby shower announcements and parents can continue the theme through and have stork birth announcements. Since other relatives or friends will likely give the mother-to-be the shower, it is not inappropriate for her to suggest the theme to her host. Then even the thank you cards can match the stork announcement theme.

Photo Stork Birth Announcement,

Another way to have Stork Birth Announcements is to go with a photo Stork birth card. Even if the card does not have a stork, most companies will let parents change wording so it is “Stork” appropriate. Sayings such as “The stork delivered our little girl” or “a basket full of joy arrived from the stork” on a regular photo card still announces the baby as a “stork announcement.” Parents may also find photo stork birth cards where they can upload their baby’s image into the bag or basket the baby is holding. If parents choose stork birth announcements, they should make sure the picture they use is very close up. They may also want to clothe the baby in white so it really looks like the baby is in the stork’s sack. Most recipients want to see the baby’s eyes open to see the resemblance of the parents and the color of the eyes, but it can also make a sweet picture for a stork announcement to use a picture with the baby’s eyes closed.

Stork birth cards are also a fun way to announce the special delivery of twins. There are numerous stork birth announcements choices that can be customized for twins or multiple births. Parents should look for those cards and plan their twin stork birth cards early so they are organized when the bigger buddle of joy comes!

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