Mar 23 2010

Thank the Guests in Style

Baby Thank You Cards – Thank the Guests in Style

With all baby showers, perhaps more important than the printable Baby Shower Invitations, are the cheap Baby Thank You Cards, The shower guests want to know their gifts were special and appreciated so that is why you need to send baby shower thank you cards to all those who attended the shower or gave gifts or their time.

Baby Thank You Cards

Baby Thank You Cards

When to Send the Baby Thank Yous

Ideally, the mom-to-be should send out baby thank you cards that incorporate the same theme as the custom shower invitations. With online baby stationery shoppes offering packages that include not only the unique Baby Invitations,, but also the baby thank you card in the same theme, keeping things coordinated is very easy. The host of the Baby Shower, can even pre-order the Baby Shower Thank You Card, when she orders the Invitations Baby Shower, This will give the expectant mom one less thing to worry about.

No matter the style of the thank you baby cards, the guests should receive the notes as quickly as possible. The guest of honor should try to get the baby thank you cards out within a week of the baby party. Even if the notes can’t be sent out right away, it’s never too late to thank the people who showered you with gifts.

Addresses and Wording for Baby ThankYou Cards

The host of the shower should keep a handy list of the addresses for the mom-to-be so the thank you baby shower cards can be sent out without delay. In fact, a copy of the guest list can be given to the guest of honor as both a keepsake and an easy way to track down those addresses.

The baby thank you card wording should be very specific. The guest of honor should thank each and every person who gave a gift for the specific gift. At the shower, the host or someone else reliable should keep track of the gifts and who gave them. A generic thank you baby card will send the message that the guest’s gift was not truly appreciated. It’s worth the extra step to make the guests feel like the effort they made to pick out the perfect gift is valued. Unlike the invitations, the Baby Thank You Cards, should be handwritten and personalized to the gift giver.

Don’t forget a Big THANK YOU to the Party Host!

The guest of honor should also take special care with the baby shower thank you card for the host of the party. The host went through a lot of trouble, selecting everything from the Baby Shower Party, to the perfect foods. The host should be thanked for throwing the party, as well as giving a gift.

In addition to the baby thank you cards, the guest of honor could also do something special for the host of the shower. A special outing, flowers or even a batch of homemade cookies will go a long way towards letting the host know she is appreciated. Giving the host a framed copy of the invitation will ensure she has a souvenir from a day they will share forever.

Even though matching Baby Thank You Cards, are adorable and make the expectant mom appear stylish, the most stylish thing is being a gracious gift receiver.

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