Feb 18 2010

Today’s Baby Shower

Today’s Baby Shower – Not Your Grandmother’s Baby Showers

The modern day Baby Shower, http://www.birth-cards.com/baby-shower/ needn’t be a gathering of ladies sipping on tea. Modern showers are fun and funky – and some incorporate men and couples as well. Once you get pregnancy announcements or adoption announcements, it’s time to start thinking of themes and activities. Before you even send out those custom Baby Shower Invitations, http://www.birth-cards.com/baby-shower/baby-shower-invitations, printable Shower Invitations, http://www.birth-cards.com/baby-shower/shower-invitations or unique Baby Invitations, http://www.birth-cards.com/baby-invitations/, you can dream up a party that will be a celebration of life and family for the mother-to-be.

Finding Out the Lil One is On the Way!

Pregnancy and adoptions are times of great joy and can also be a time of creativity for the shower host. Although a non-relative of the mother-to-be is traditionally the host of the baby shower party, these days just about anyone can host the affair.

The creativity begins with the baby shower invitation, invitations baby shower or baby invitations themselves. With online baby stationery stores and home invitation kits now available, the options for inviting your guests in style are limited only by your imagination. Baby shower invites should not only tell your guests the who, what, when and where, but also the theme of the gathering.

Baby Shower Themes

The baby showers theme is where the planning stage gets fun. Pre-made baby shower invitation provides some ideas for themes. Many times, baby announcements don’t indicate gender, but this shouldn’t limit your creativity. Zoo, circus, playground, Teddy bear and nursery rhyme themes are all gender neutral. Showers for parents who are adopting are common now, so when you get adoption announcements, the possibilities to shower the adopting parents are endless.

Be Innovative and Creative

No matter how innovative or creative your Baby Shower, http://www.birth-cards.com/ has been, proper baby shower etiquette is always fashionable. In addition to sending out baby thank you cards promptly, the shower guests will also appreciate baby shower announcements or even photo baby announcements. Couples baby shower invites are easier than ever to create and are well received by guests.

Baby thank you cards are another way to let your guests know you appreciate their gifts and herald in the newborn. The thank you baby cards can ingeniously kill two birds with one stone, while photo birth announcements let guests peek at the little one they showered.

All of the shower guests should receive party baby shower gifts. After a heartwarming Baby Shower , http://www.birth-cards.com/baby-invitations/baby-shower, the baby showers gifts will let your guests feel connected and appreciated.

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