Aug 25 2009

Type Baby Showers for Your Surprise Baby Shower

Type Baby Showers for Your Surprise Baby Shower

The first big decision after deciding to host a baby shower is to choose what type baby shower they want to host. This is a crucial decision because it will determine everything from the list of guests to the baby shower invitations to the food and games for the event. However, to choose the right type of shower the host needs to know about the different type baby showers are available. One idea is a surprise baby shower but there are others, as well.

Baby Shower Types

Picking the right baby shower invitations is important but the host can’t do that without knowing the type baby shower she (or he) is going to be throwing. The choices are numerous. A sprinkle baby shower, for example, would be a good idea for parents who already have other children so don’t necessarily need a huge party and lots of big ticket gifts. The party is more casual and the gifts are things that are necessary for each baby, such as diapers, gift certificates for baby formula, new crib linens, toys, and similar items. An adoption baby shower, on the other hand, is intended to celebrate an adoption. In these cases, the baby is almost always present at the actual shower and that makes other types of entertainment less necessary. Regardless of the type of shower, picking appropriate shower invitations is a must.

Having a Coed Baby Shower

Originally, when the first baby showers were held, they were just for women. This came from the old fashioned idea that raising babies was the woman’s job. Now days showers don’t have to be an all girls affair. For example, a co ed baby shower allows parents-to-be to invite friends and family members to the party no matter what the gender. Coed baby shower invitations should expound upon this more flexible guest list and the host should consult with the expecting parents to be certain they approve of a less traditional shower. After all, some new parents may prefer to have a ladies only event. Baby shower coed invitations can be found though many stationery vendors online.

Choosing Couples Baby Shower Events

One might refer to this type of shower as a coed couples baby shower because the idea is for couples to attend the event together. Now this might sound a bit limiting to the guest list but if most of the friends of the couple are married or in a relationship the couple baby shower could be a great idea. For this type of event, the traditional shower activities could also get tossed out the window. Instead of punch and cake, party games, and similar activities, the couples could all enjoy dinner together and share parenthood stories with the expecting couple. Another idea is to have this type of more serious event as well as a more traditional shower. Either way, couples baby shower invitations can also be found online and make a great choice for baby shower invites of this type.

Doubling the Fun with a Twins Baby Shower

Having two babies at the same time means a couple will need all the help they can get from family and friends. A great idea is having a party that welcomes the new arrivals with double the gifts and double the party. Twin baby shower invitations are available and are a perfect choice for this type baby shower to help guests know that more than one bundle of joy is on the way into the family. There are several ways to incorporate the double arrival into the theme when you are having a multiples baby shower. For example, having more than one smaller cake instead of one large cake can be especially helpful if the twins are not the same gender or even separate creative centerpieces like diaper cakes made from diapers and other baby items can be a great idea. For this type of showers, baby shower twin invitations are definitely a must!

Hosting a Surprise Baby Showers

Many hosts like the idea of a surprise shower. Obviously the trick here is keeping the celebration under wraps so the guests of honor can be surprised when they arrive at the party location or when the party comes to them as might be the case with a welcome home baby shower. Regardless, the host needs to choose baby shower surprise invitations that are going to be effective in convincing the guests to keep the party details a secret. The surprise baby shower invitations should also make it clear that the party is intended to be a surprise so no one can say they didn’t know. Of all the type baby showers around, these are the ones with the easiest to find baby surprise shower invitations.

Ultimately, the most important point is not the type of shower that is thrown for the expectant parents but how many friends and family attended to welcome the new baby and to show their love for the expanding family. Welcoming a new member of the next generation is definitely something worth celebrating.

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