Mar 23 2010

Welcome Home Baby Shower

Welcome Home Baby Shower for New Mom & Baby

There are some circumstances that when a pre-birth Baby Shower, in not appropriate. For these occasions, the Welcome Home Baby Shower, is the ideal way to celebrate the happy event.

Welcome Home Baby Shower

Welcome Home Baby Shower

Baby Showers of Yesteryear

Some cultures prohibit pre-birth parties because they believe bringing baby items into the home will invite bad luck. Generally, Orthodox Jews will not hold babyshowers, instead choosing to send off baby welcome home shower invitations to celebrate the birth of the baby. For those in doubt, asking the mom-to-be would be the best course of action before sending out invitations welcome home baby shower.

Even if the mom-to-be would actually appreciate a pre-birth party, the timing may not work out if the baby arrives earlier than expected. For moms of preemies, it’s best to wait until the baby is out of the neonatal intensive care unit and declared healthy before sending out those Baby Shower Invitations, It would help to ask the parents if the timing is good for a baby party. Other times, the expectant mom would rather have the party after the baby arrives. Women who have tough pregnancies may be antsy and uncomfortable having the celebration before the baby is born.

Choosing the Time for the Baby Shower Party,

Sometimes the mom-to-be did have a shower, but perhaps there are relatives or friends who prefer to wait. The host should feel free to include the people who attended the pre-birth shower on the list of those who receive Baby Invitations, Those guests would be delighted to meet the baby. With a baby present at the party, the atmosphere should be casual and flexible. Babies needs lots of naps and the guests should be aware that the gathering will not be formal. The Shower Invitations, can reflect this laid-back ambiance.

Communication with the new parents is probably more important with the Welcome Home Baby Showers, than any other type of shower. Babies have their own personalities and a gathering that respects and appreciates the child’s personal needs will be the one that the parents want most.

Custom Baby Shower Invitation

No matter the reason for the welcome home party, customized baby invitations shower are reasons for excitement! Since photos of the baby will be available for the shower invites, guests will have an adorable keepsake that they wouldn’t have if a pre-birth shower was held. Because the gender of the child will be known during the welcome home shower, the theme may be more traditional and boy or girl-oriented. Pink or blue welcome home shower invitation may reign supreme for these types of parties, but the baby invites could incorporate just about any theme the host can dream up.

Once the baby arrives, new parents often find themselves pressed for time and exhausted. The Welcome Home Baby Shower Cards, could indicate that service-type gifts would be appreciated. Some attendees of the party could offer to cook a few meals for the family or help out with housekeeping or laundry while the parents adjust to life with baby.

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