Nov 29 2007

Where to Have the Baby Showers

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Where should you have the baby shower? The answer depends on several factors! Traditionally, baby showers are held at a home, word, restaurant, or church / temple. Baby showers nowadays are held at parks, country clubs, bars, restaurants and any place where people can gather. However, the preferred choice for the baby shower place is the warmth of some friend’s house since it is more comfortable, quaint and homey. For the second or third baby shower, a restaurant with a private room, bar or church / temple are great places to host the baby showers. Cost is an important consideration since someone will have to pay for the baby shower costs. The weather time of day and are also important considerations when deciding where the baby showers should be held.

You should ensure that the baby shower location is large enough to accommodate your guest list. Regardless of whether you host the baby shower, (Surprise Baby Shower Invitations) at a home, restaurant, hotel or rented space, make sure everything is planned and it will be an excellent shower! Hosting the baby shower at home will save a considerable amount of your budget. However, you will still need to spend money on plates, cups, napkins, eating utensils and possibly table rentals. If the baby shower will be at a restaurant, you should start looking for locations early. You should visit potential locations to make sure it will accommodate your party, works with your baby shower theme and serves food that the Mommy-to-Be and your guests will enjoy. You should ensure that the location you choose will match your baby shower theme and will allow you to decorate for that theme.

Baby Shower Party at Home – The most popular place to have baby showers is in someone’s home since homes are warm and cozy, and usually you don’t have to worry about making too much noise. But, homes are often too small for a large number of guests. One of the first things decisions when planning baby showers is how many people the home can comfortably accommodate. The furniture should be moved so the baby shower guests can sit in an arrangement that will allow for pleasant conversation.

There are many types of baby showers for the home you can plan. Home baby showers are likely to be attended by guests of all ages, so you will want to keep the baby shower party fun for everyone. Some baby shower ideas that may be fun for younger guests might not be appropriate for older ones. A cute home baby shower favor idea is to make cookies, frost them with the Mom’s name, wrap them and put them next to a cute baking favor like the baby shower rolling pin recipe card holder. You could even put a recipe for the cookies behind the recipe card that’s included with the baby shower favor!

Baby Shower Party at Restaurant – A restaurant or banquet hall provides lots of space baby showers in an elegant atmosphere. The restaurant does the food preparation, clean up and other tasks, so your work is minimized. The biggest challenge to having the baby shower at a restaurant is to make the guests feel welcome and to create a comfortable atmosphere for conversation and sharing.

You should select a restaurant convenient to most of your guests and Mommy-to-Be. Plan the baby shower far enough in advance so that you can make the reservations. It will be difficult at that time to estimate the number of guests attending the baby shower, but you can check with many guests before mailing the baby shower invitations, so that you can give the restaurant your best guess. Always try the food yourself, BEFORE selecting the menu for the baby shower. You should be aware of your guests’ dietary needs, and you might want to share the menu in advance or ask if anyone has any special dietary restrictions. Arrange for the restaurant has an alternative available if a guest can’t eat the foods that have been chosen. If any guest rejects the meal, the server should be instructed to ask the guest if she would prefer an alternative. Always check with the restaurant beforehand if you are bringing your own cake.

If you are hosting a large group for the baby shower, you might consider using baby shower place cards. It is also a nice little extra to have name tags for each guest indicating their relationship to the Mommy-to-Be, and don’t forget a name tag for the guest of honor. Baby shower decorations add a warm touch, but keep them simple. A cluster of helium baby shower balloons and a baby shower banner over the gift table add a festive touch. Don’t forget to give the guests a cute baby shower favor.

Baby shower games are sometimes not appropriate at a restaurant, but if the restaurant is casual and you have a private area, a simple baby shower game might be considered. Be mindful of your allotted time at the restaurant so that all of the baby shower gifts can be opened comfortably without being rushed. As the guests leave, it’s an added feature to have someone photograph the Mommy-to-Be with each departing baby shower guest. Have duplicate prints made and let the Mommy-to-Be include one in each of her baby shower thank you cards. It’s a thoughtful baby shower gift for both the guest and Mommy-to-Be.

Baby Shower Party at the Office or Work – When planning baby showers, one of the first decisions to be made is where to have the party. If it will be held at work, check with the human resources department to be certain there will be no conflict and verify that an appropriate area will be available. Deciding whom to send office baby shower invitations to might be difficult in a large business, because some people may feel left out. Ask the Mommy-to-Be for advice and suggestions. One person should act as the host or hostess and delegate other tasks. The immediate co-workers normally pay the direct costs for the baby shower. Baby shower decorations and baby shower party supplies should be easily disposable. A cluster of baby shower balloons and a personalized baby shower banner would be appropriate. You should decide in advance if lunch will be part of the program or only desert. You will need to decide on something easy like pizza, while some office baby shower parties decide to make it a potluck.

An office baby shower party usually allows very little time for baby shower games, but the lottery style scratch off game cards are perfect for these type of baby showers. Ask each person to write down her suggestions for keeping the new baby happy. These suggestions can be funny or serious, and should be read just before the Mommy-to-Be opens the baby shower gifts. Ask someone to take pictures and get doubles printed so the Mommy-to-Be can have one set and the others can be posted and shared with all.

If the baby shower party is being held during working hours, time could be a factor. The hostess should keep everyone and the baby shower on schedule. A clean up committee should be appointed in advance and should be responsible for returning the room to its original appearance. Have fun, but remember, it is still an office environment. And, above all, don’t forget to send personalized baby shower thank you cards.

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