Dec 30 2009

Wording for Baby Shower Invitations

Baby Shower Wording for Baby Shower Invitations

When you are planning a baby shower, there are a lot of details you have to finalize, including choosing the baby diaper cake and picking a location. You’ll need to gather refreshments, compile a guest list, and handle the decorations. Of course, another factor in your massive list of responsibilities is the Baby Shower Wording, on those invitations. That means you want to hold off on putting together the shower games, so you’ll be able to prepare the appropriate invitations for baby shower wording whether you are having a formal or an informal celebration.

Baby Shower Invitations for Formal Events,

Baby Shower Wording

Baby Shower Wording

With a formal shower, you’re going to want to take care to reflect that tone in your choice of baby shower words. A good way to start these formal invitations is with a phrase such as “You are cordially invited to a baby shower” or “The pleasure of your company is requested at a shower.” Follow that line with who the shower is going to be for: the new baby if he or she has already entered the world, the parents-to-be, or the mother-to-be. When you are writing out the wording, be sure to use everyone’s full name – that is standard when you are working with formal invitations. Once you reach this point of the wording, you should add in the details of the party, such as the location, date, and time of the baby showers. You also need to have all of the words written out completely. For example, if the shower is being held on the August 30th at noon, you would write it out as “the thirtieth of August at twelve o’clock noon.” Remember not to use any types of abbreviations.

At the end of the Shower Invitations Wording, you’ll need to write out the full names of the hosts of the party. Also, this is a good place to add the RSVP information at the bottom of the card unless you are going to be using a separate response card.

Baby Invitations for an Informal Party,

Formal invitations aren’t needed if you are having a small, casual shower. However, that doesn’t mean you can just call or email guests. You should still send out invitations and you will need to be careful with your baby shower wording. However, you do have more flexibility with what those cards can say. For example, you could begin the message with “Susan and Jeff invite you to celebrate the approaching birth of Morgan and Matt’s new baby at a special shower.” Of course, you’d follow this up with celebration details.

Don’t forget that if you send out informal invitations you need to plan a casual shower. That means you keep the refreshments simple, the guest list smaller, and the location more private. Just remember that the shower will be a fun experience whether it’s formal or informal.

Gifts & the Baby Showers Wording

Remember that with any type of invitation, you don’t want to mention anything about gifts. When you include this type of information in your invitation, you make guests feel obligated to bring gifts to the shower and that’s not something you want to do. Instead registry information should be left out of the baby shower wording and should instead be discussed one on one when requested by guests.

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